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Corrective Exercises

Are you looking to improve the way you move? Do you want to live pain free and improve your quality of life? Then Noel Awendo is the trainer for you!


After an injury, the body looks for a way to protect the affected area. The muscles around the injury tighten up and put new restrictions on our range of motion. This leads to imbalances that stay with us, even after the injuries have healed.


Through careful attention to your particular history and individual needs, I can devise a series of corrective exercises that will help you restore your body’s ability to function smoothly.
 I’ll even incorporate advice from your physiotherapist! We’ll use exercises to improve strength, posture, and range of motion.


If you’re longing to get back some of the agility and ease of movement you once enjoyed, I have the education and the commitment to help you reach your goal.

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Session Rates

30 Minutes | $70

1 Hour | $130

45 Minutes | $95

Ready to get in the best shape of your life? Call Noel today to schedule your Free consultation.


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