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One on One Training

Finding a great trainer is like finding the perfect hairdresser. You want someone with good communication skills, education, experience, and a warm personality.


When you train with me, you get a customized wellness program that will be easy to maintain and give you lasting results. 


I start with a free consultation, where we talk about your individual needs and objectives.  Together, we can determine what your goals are and establish a reasonable timeline for achieving them. If you decide we are a good fit, I’ll provide nutrition advice, take body measurements and do some simple baseline fitness tests. From there we will set forth on your journey to better health and fitness.


I am a caring and attentive personal trainer, committed to inspiring healthy-active lifestyles among each individual

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Session Rates

30 Minutes | $70

1 Hour | $130

45 Minutes | $95

Ready to get in the best shape of your life? Call Noel today to schedule your Free consultation.


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